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The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide

Designer: Koori Curriculum

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The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide
Edited by Jessica Staines & Red Ruby Scarlet

Are you keen to embed Aboriginal culture and perspectives into your early childhood setting but are not sure how to start?  Are you scared as a non-Aboriginal person about getting it wrong?

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide is an accessibly written and beautifully created book designed to assist non-Aboriginal early childhood educators and teachers to embed Aboriginal perspectives into their everyday curriculum underpinned by anti-bias approaches. 

The book is designed to give you the information you need to start this process with courage. It will guide you to imbue Aboriginal perspectives across your curriculum rather than treating this important part of teaching young children as something that can be added on. 

The book starts off with Principles. By adopting the principles, services, educators and teachers can understand what is important when dealing with Aboriginal culture and Aboriginal people and why it should underpin your entire curriculum. The principles give an understanding of how you can either begin this work in your service, or take it further. 

Next is Practices. Educators and teachers from a number of centres speak about what they are doing in their services. The practices are stories. Stories from services beginning the journey, stories about deep and respectful engagement with community, stories about working in Aboriginal communities, stories of engaging in contemporary and traditional approaches to Aboriginal arts practice, stories of reconciliation, stories of change, and stories of connecting sustainability and culture.

It is a must have for every service, every educator and every teacher.

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