Look Learn Sing Dance by Trish & Noel Butler

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Noel and Trish Butler share stories and songs through their knowledge of Country to create a better understanding of all creatures in our environment. This helps us all to embrace our responsibility to put a greater value on the importance of looking after Country, the land we stand on, our home. 

What customers are saying....

"Well yipee my Aunty Trish and Uncle Noel Butler CD Arrived today. Very impressive. I adore how each song is introduced with Cultural knowledge by Uncle Noel. The songs are so varied in terms of temp (speed) and timbre ( sounds used). There are different rhythms and melodies to be explored. I will start with movement - getting the kids to chill and listen to Noel introduce the animal and it's Yuin name. Then get the kids to move spontaneously to the music - perhaps with a scarf. I will ask them to talk about what they have learned about the animal. Then after doing this a few times explore the music concepts. Also as a follow up activity I would get kids to think about writing our own song "in the style of" Aunty Trish to relate to the Country we are on - Noongar Country. Thank you Uncle Noel and Aunty Trish Butler"

Jane Nicholas

 "Just wanted to say hi and a big thank you for sending out Uncle Noel and Aunty Trish Butler's new CD so promptly. I have been showing the Goombawa song with my 3 year old everyday and he knew I was getting the CD. He gave it a big hug and sang 'Goombawa!'"

Katherine West