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Say Yes: A Story of Friendship, Fairness and a Vote for Hope - Jennifer Castles


Once there were two little girls who were best friends. They did everything together. As they get older, they weren't allowed to do the same things anymore. Because they looked different. Because of the law.

This is a story about the landmark 1967 Referendum, the two women who came together to change the law... and how the Australia people said YES.

"I love looking through this book, seeing the family faces, remembering the hard work - and the extraordinary response of the Australian People"
Associate Professor Lilin G. Bandler

Author: Jennifer Castles
Illustrations by: Paul Seden


"Say Yes is one of my very favourite books... of all time. I love the compassion, empathy and understanding of ‘its just not fair’ my Year One students feel when we read this together. It makes me so proud of them."

Sally Rantall

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