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Yarning Circle


The Koori Curriculum Educator Yarning Circle aims to foster participants emerging knowledge of Aboriginal culture and ways of being by engaging with niche cultural knowledge holders throughout a continuous journey.


This group operates with an understanding that no one Aboriginal person can speak on behalf of all Aboriginal people nor can they give guidance and advice on all topics. Therefore, when the group identifies a specific interest that they wish to learn more about we engage cultural knowledge holders and experts in that particular field whether it be language, bush tucker, art or pedagogies to come and yarn with us.


Yarning Circles take place in Redfern the first Wednesday of every month (unless otherwise advised) for two hours. Yarning Circle is a combination of networking, professional development and excursions.

There will be:

2 x guest speakers

2 x excursions

To date our Yarning Circle members have attended Aboriginal workshops at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, NSW Art Gallery, Australian Museum, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney Observatory, NAIDOC celebrations in Hyde Park and Muru Mittigar Cultural Centre. In addition to this they have also receive professional development workshops from Dr Tyson Yunkaporta on Aboriginal pedagogies, Dr Red Ruby Scarlet surrounding anti-bias, Koori Kinnections, Weaving Dreams, Yaama Aboriginal Programs, Shannon Foster D’harawal Knowledge Holder, Joanne Garland on Wiradjuri language, Cecelia Wright from Cultural Inclusions about Torres Strait Islander Culture and Narragunnawali on Reconciliation Action Plans.




Educators that have attended previous Yarning Circles have benefitted by:

  • Having increased confidence in their ability to embed an Aboriginal perspective in their everyday curriculum.
  • Educators have acquired a deeper understanding and stronger knowledge of Aboriginal history and culture both past and present.

  • Educators have developed strong Reconciliation Action Plans that have helped guide their team through cultural change.

  • Participants acquiring skills in Aboriginal weaving and cooking.

  • Educators being exposed to a variety of Aboriginal languages.

  • Educators using Aboriginal pedagogies in their daily practice

  • Yarning Circle participants have published books on their experience of embedding Aboriginal Perspectives.

  • Services engaged in Yarning Circles have been acknowledged and received awards from Reconciliation Australia, Social Justice in Early Childhood, Early Childhood Australia, HESTA and the Easter Region Local Government Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Forum for the work surround Reconciliation.

  • Participants have been invited to be guest speakers at a number of conferences as they are now considered leaders and experts in this area themselves.


Yarning Circles will enable educators and teachers to explore their practices more deeply and in more sophisticated ways regarding how they include Aboriginal perspectives in and around their service. It will support educators and teachers to streamline their curriculum practices while deepening their understandings of why they do what they do and the educational knowledge that underpins those practices.


  • Yarning Circle annual subscriptions are not interchangeable and can not be shared amongst educators.
  • Yarning Circle Subscription is non-refundable
  • Yarning Circles are typically always held the first Wednesday of the month from 1:30-3:30 at Club Redfern. However, on occasion they may occur of an evening or on an alternative day. If there is a change of date participants will be notified with at least 4 weeks notice.

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