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Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective Products

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective has developed a range of products to cater to all learning styles, paces, environments and budgets. We acknowledge that everyone learns differently, and as such we have deliberately tried to deliver our products through a variety of different modes including text, audio, visual and face to face to ensure our inclusivity of educators needs and preferences. We call this our learning lifecycle. It means that no matter where you are up to in your journey, we are here to support you.




The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide is a great place to start! Based on five over arching principles that dovetail the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework, the Practice Guide has been created to debunk the myths surrounding Aboriginal perspectives in early childhood curricula and clarify what it is and what it isn’t. Following, are stories of practice from early childhood educators working in diverse contexts. These case studies affirm that the knowing is in the doing, stressing the importance of transferring, adapting and contextualising the principles into each community and early learning service.





Pick up a copy of The Aboriginal Early Childhood PLANNING Guide. Intended as a sister and companion to the professions beloved Practice Guide, the planner is a working book with QR coded videos ensconced throughout, guiding the user on a self-paced journey of reconciliation.

Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) are ancient knowledge. Because we know that Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the oldest living culture in the world, the sciences, technologies, engineering and maths knowledge and practices are the most developed and sophisticated on this planet. The Summit this year is festooned with an incredible line up of Aboriginal experts in STEM.

The presentations will include:

* Ancient Aboriginal technologies in current everyday practice
* Aboriginal knowledge as the way to combat climate change
* Aboriginal mapping of Country with children using robotics and drones
* Maths through kinship systems
* Small world approaches to big world stories
* Aboriginal astronomy
* Bush tucker
* Bush medicine
* Aboriginal early childhood practitioners’ panel
* Collective cultural yarning

All this and more!



Finally, The Aboriginal Early Childhood Webinar Series takes in in depth look into The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide, breaking down each of the five principles into consumable pieces. These products can be purchased individually or as a discounted bundle. One of the biggest obstacles in our profession is that educational leaders struggle to get everyone on the same page. It can be challenging to have the whole team attend professional development training at the same time and inevitably when team changes occur educational leaders can find it hard to bring new educators up to speed. The Aboriginal Early Childhood Webinar Series combats these challenges for you.


But if you are looking for a place to grow knowledge and planning practice whilst connecting with other educators in a secure and safe environment then The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective Online Course  is perfect for you!

As part of our online course you will have full access to our The Aboriginal Early Childhood PLANNING Guide video resources, access to a private AECC Facebook Group AND, as a special bonus, you will receive access to our Aboriginal Early Childhood Webinar Series - valued at over $220!

It is recommended that Online Course participants purchase a copy of our Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Guide to use as part of this course.

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