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Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective is a collaboration between Dr Red Ruby Scarlet and Jessica Staines, Wiradjuri woman and Director of the Koori Curriculum. The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective provides professional development and resourcing for the education and community services sector as well as an annual conference held in Sydney, Australia where educators can build upon their foundation by scaffolding into niche areas of culture and curriculum.

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective has developed a range of products to cater to all learning styles, paces, environments and budgets. They acknowledge that everyone learns differently, and as such have deliberately tried to deliver our products through a variety of different modes including text, audio, visual and face to face to ensure our inclusiveness of educators needs and preferences.  No matter where you are up to in your journey, The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective are there to support you.

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Confernce ways to know and learn


More about the founders...

Jessica Staines is Wiradjuri woman, early childhood teacher, TAFE NSW teacher and passionate educational community member, with ties to many advocacy groups on both national and international platforms.

As founder of Koori Curriculum, Jessica designs and facilitates a range of professional development workshops for educators that help guide the inclusion of Aboriginal perspectives in early childhood curriculums.

Jessica is unquestionably a thought leader, innovator and pioneer on her field.

In 2016 Jessica was sponsored by Educational Experience to participate in the Global Leaders for Young Children Program which is part of the World Forum Foundation. It was here where she was mentored and supported to create an advocacy project. The advocacy project that she chose to embark upon was the creation of a text for educators called The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide. This text was mainly targeted at non-Indigenous educators to support them to create culturally safe learning environments and build their cultural capacity.

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective was started as a flow on from the launch of The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide as it became glaringly apparent from the texts national popularity that educators needed more support to develop their cultural confidence.


Dr Red Ruby Scarlet is an activist, early childhood teacher-researcher, consultant, speaker, artist and academic. Red has 25 years experience in early education. Her passions? Creative, imaginative, inclusive practices – especially those that promote anti-bias, high quality art practices, respect for Aboriginal cultures and social justice.

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