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Webinar - Challenging the culture of celebrations



*** ALL proceeds to support Jamanee Gunya rebuilding fund ***

Be part of something special! This bespoke webinar has been created to support Uncle Noel Butler, owner and operator of Jamanee Gunya, in his rebuilding phase after the devastation of the bushfire crisis in Southern NSW early in 2020. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this limited time only product will be donated directly to the Jamanee Gunya rebuilding fund, supporting Uncle Noel Butler.


They come in all shapes and sizes, forms and times of the year, they are of course celebrations! Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Easter, Christmas, just to name a few, are times of the year when educators can feel challenged about the very nature of the event they are celebrating. Let Koori Curriculum assist in your planning stages, giving you strategies to guide decision making as you look at the year ahead. Join us for this limited time only webinar where we discuss:

- resolving feelings when our professional and personal philosophy surrounding celebrations clash.
- consulting the code of ethics as part of the decision making process to ensure we are acting in the best interests of all children all the time.
- what do we include and what do we exclude? Who do we include and who do we exclude?
- how to best manage change of centre celebration culture for families.
- defining and differentiating equality and equity to ensure all children have the capacity and support to thrive.

BONUS! This webinar comes with a FREE tips, tricks and titbits sheet about NAIDOC Week in 2020. Download with your purchase here.

Thank you for your support in helping to rebuild this truly one of a kind place. You can find our more about Jamanee Gunya and Uncle Noel here.

Please note this is a pre-recorded electronic product. Download instructions will be emailed once payment has been finalised at checkout.

Please note these webinars are for individual use only. For a multi-person license or organisation license please contact

Webinars are approx 45mins to 60mins in length

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