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The Koori Curriculum Book Summit



The first conference dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s stories is here. And it’s virtual!

The Koori Curriculum Book Summit will allow Educators to hear directly from these master storytellers about what is behind the stories they have shared. Educators will walk away with ideas and inspiration on how they can scaffold and build upon some of their favourite stories.

This is your opportunity to embrace embedding an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective through storytelling. Whether you are an early childhood educator, primary teacher, OOSHC educator or you're looking to include more First Nation perspectives at home this summit has something for you.

Throughout the summit, you will have the chance to interact with Jessica Staines Director of the Koori Curriculum and other attendees in the pop-up Facebook group. This is where you can ask questions, share your learnings and participate in challenges to win some deadly prizes.

We’ve selected some of Australia’s best First Nation and non-Indigenous children’s authors and illustrators who have produced some of the most beloved books with an Aboriginal perspective.

And what better way to celebrate NAIDOC Week 2022!


Announced speakers:

  • Bruce Pascoe - "Dark Emu", "Found" & "Young Dark Emu: A Truer History"
  • Adam Goodes - "Somebody's Land & Ceremony"
  • Ellie Laing - "Somebody's Land & Ceremony"
  • David Hardy - "Somebody's Land & Ceremony"
  • Thomas Mayor - "Finding Our Heart"
  • Gregg Dreise - "Awesome Emu"
  • Boori Monty Pryor - "Shake a Leg", "Story Doctors" & "The Binna Binna Man"
  • Rita Sinclair - "Story Doctors"
  • Jasmine Seymour - "Baby Business & Cooee Mittigar"
  • Dianne Lucas - "Walking in Gagudju Country"
  • Ben Tyler - "Walking in Gagudju Country"
  • Gordon Hookey - "The Sacred Hill"
  • Alison Lester - "Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo"
  • Coral Vass - "Sorry Day"
  • Dub Leffler - "Sorry Day"
  • Karen Rogers - "Main Abija My Grandad"
  • Mark Greenwood - "Jandamarra & Bommerang and Bat"
  • Lyndall Stavrou - "Warrikirki Christmas Bilby"
  • Aunty Shaa Smith - "The Dunggiirr Brothers and the Caring Song of the Whale"
  • Leanne Murner - "Franki and the Banksia"
  • Leanne Brook - "ABC of Dhurga"




Q: How do I access the Koori Curriculum Book Summit after I purchase?

A: After you purchase your ticket you will be sent a series of emails:

  1. An order confirmation email with receipt of purchase
  2. An email with your login details to the book summit platform
  3. A welcome email with useful information on the book summit

These emails can take up to 2 business hours after your purchase to arrive. After you have received the final welcome email your access to the Koori Curriculum Book Summit will be complete.

Q: When can I access the book summit?

A: The Koori Curriculum Book Summit begins on the 8th of July 2022, you will gain access to the learning platform and the Facebook group as soon as you purchase your ticket.

Q: Who will be presenting the sessions?

A: The following presenters have recorded a presentation for the Koori Curriculum Book Summit, with more speakers being announced shortly:

  • Adam Goodes, Ellie Liang & David Hardy: Somebody's Land & Ceremony
  • Mark Greenwood: Jandamarra & Boomerang and Bat
  • Lyndall Stavrou: Warrikirki Christmas Bilby
  • Coral Vass & Dub Leffler: Sorry Day
  • Karen Rogers:Main Abija My Grandad
  • Thomas Mayor: Finding The Heart
  • Jasmine Seymour: Cooee Mitigar
  • Gregg Dreise: Awesome Emu
  • Alison Lester: Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo
  • Leanne Brooks: ABC of Dhurga
  • Gordon Hookey: The Sacred Hill
  • Diane Lucas & Ben Tyler: Walking in Gagudju Country

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: Each session will be a minimum of 30 mins in length up to 60 mins.

Q: I work at a Primary School. Would the Book Summit still be relevant?

A: The Koori Curriculum Book Summit is targeted toward early childhood educators. However, many primary teachers find the information transferable to their context.

Looking at the presenters and their books a lot of their content would be applicable. Where you might find shortcomings in the lesson plans and suggested activities and experiences as these again will be tailored towards a younger age group.

Q: Is there a group rate?

A: Yes, for groups up to 5 people, the rate is $330 Inc GST. Please note that groups of less than 4 are advised to purchase individual tickets as this will be more cost-effective. For more than 5 people, please purchase a combination of individual and group tickets or multiple group tickets.

Q: I purchased a group ticket, how do I get my team to access the Koori Curriculum Book Summit?

A: Please send an email to once your complete your purchase and include the first name, last name and email address of the team members who require access.

Q: How long is my access valid for once I purchase?

A: All ticket holders receive 2 weeks of access to the Facebook group and presentations after the 8th of July 2022.

Q: Do you offer refunds on the book summit?

A: We are confident that once you purchase the book summit you'll be sure you made the right decision. If you any reason you change your mind, there is a 7-day cooling-off period after you have purchased. Please contact us at

Q: Are the sessions live and do I need to attend live, or will recordings be available?

A: The book summit sessions are prerecorded so that we can edit the videos to make the experience as seamless as possible. Therefore all sessions once released into the Koori Curriculum Book Summit platform can be watched anytime. However to get the most out of the conference and the online discussions that will take place we do recommend you watch them as per the schedule.

Q: Are copies of the books included in my ticket?

A: No. To keep the book summit as cost-effective as possible, we do not provide copies of the books. However, all ticket holders gain access to a special VIP discount that provides a 20% on all books in the Koori Curriculum store for the 8th and 9th of July while the book summit is on.

Q: Is the content in the Koori Curriculum Book Summit NESA accredited?

As of 5th February 2021, NESA deregistered all early childhood providers and any courses they had accredited, this included any offered by the Koori Curriculum.

Information about the new processes for accreditation of PD courses, including course content criteria, is expected to be available on the NESA website around mid-July 2021 and applications will open shortly after that time. We aim to applying for accreditation during this time.

Early Learning Educators are able to log completed hours under Elective PD course hours as they will count equally for teachers who are completing their Maintenance of Accreditation in 2021 and 2022:

Should you have any further queries on this, please reach out to the Department of Education directly on +61 2 9367 8291 or email on


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